Who are we

Some say that Jesus really suffered when he strutted down Golgata with his headband made of vegetables… However, the people who claims that have not been a supporter of Hull City. That´s suffering in its truest form.  

Our Vision
Our Mission
Well, to be honest. When we say "vision" we immediately think of Marvels "Wanda Vision" but that has absolutely nothing to do with Hull, so that idea goes straight down the bin. The true vision on the other hand is to form an alliance of Nordic Hull-supporters as strong as the great wall of China. If that is possible or not, remains to be seen. But as they say, Rome wasn´t built in one day. We are laying down the foundation anyways... And as of now, our wall is pretty bloody shit to be fair.
The mission, if you choose to accept it, is to gather a group of social misfits from the local community that has one thing in common - and that is to suffer on a weekly basis as Hull City are trying their absolute best to gain promotion to the fanciest football-room in the world. As of now we are barely scraping by, but the glass is half full, and we continue to pour the amber nectar in and perhaps, one day, one year, one century, we will be back were we belong... Join the crusade and be prepared for suffering.

We are a group of random people scattered across the Nordics. The size of the group won´t scare any invaders off, but we are closing in on double digits.

The misfits

This is the board. It won´t win any beauty pageants but the heart is in the right place… And at the end of day, that is all that counts.   

The Chairman

Since the group is on a very tight budget, this is what you end up with as a chairman. Will do the job for a half eaten bag of crisps and a stale pint of beer.

The Accountant

We basically don´t have any money so we don´t need someone to look into our empty account. But every serious company has an accountant, and so do we.


This could be you. We are always open for new applicants. Provide your CV and place it just outside your door and let the wind take care of the rest. We´ll get back to you…