What we do

That is legitimate question and if you have an answer to that, we will gladly accept it. Please email us and let us know. Other than not knowing, we are trying to show our love and respect to the club, and occasionally gather/travel to watch Hull City.  

We travel

Sometimes we actually organize travels across the pond (It´s a pond to us) and attend some thrilling games at the scene of the crime. Join us, won´t ya!

We meet

If we can´t make it across the sea we meet up locally and discuss the flawed tactics, the lack of transfers, the lack of owners, the lack of wins, the numbers of nutmegs and all the other most important stuff that only overweight fans can do.

We socialize

If the players are lucky enough, they get to meet some of us. This doesn´t happen that often since our schedule is jam packed with nonsense and other worthless stuff.

That´s it

If you have any idea of some other great activities we can do. Please feel free not to share them with us, since we have a lot on our plates (mostly pizza and other greasy shit). But you are free to ask any questions if there are any uncertainties.